AllThatGrows has roots in a shared passion for food, purity and good health!

We are a company which brings to you the best, most healthful and nourishing seeds. Our experience of producing and supplying superior quality seeds spans over a decade. Our seed stocks comprise of both home grown and others international seeds.

We have kept our ethics and belief intact in traditional research, development and production. So that we are, today, proud of the fact that our seeds are:

  • Traditionally produced
  • Pure and not hybrid
  • Without any genetic modifications
  • Are OPS (Open Pollinated Seeds) which means they are produced using open pollination methods

Our research & development centres are located in 25 hectares of land with state of the art green house structures. That's not all, our office, located in Chandigarh, India is well equipped with ultra modern seed testing, processing and packaging machines to meet customer need and provide optimum satisfaction.

Along with bringing non-hybrid and top quality seeds, we are also dedicated to growth and the progress of the farmers, agriculturalists and horticulturists associated with us

So, If you are buying from AllThatGrows, you can be worry free about what you sow and only optimistic about what you reap! :)