Green Favour Kit

Introducing Microgreens and Herb Grow Kits

A kit that makes for a thoughtful and exclusive gift! The seed varieties in these Grow Kits are Traditionally Produced, Non-Hybrid and Pure, without Genetic Modifications, are OPS (Open Pollinated Seeds), GMO-Free. Growing one’s own ingredients is not only a healthy practice but also a fosters a spiritual experience essential for a soulful living!
220 /-

  • cocopot

  • cocopeat(soil)

  • seeds

  • organic sea weed

Green Favour kit

Express gratitude with the perfect gift

Share the joy of growing greens with our customizable indoor grow kits. Your friends will appreciate prettier kitchens, office desks and livings rooms as the greens thrive longer and make for natural air purifiers.The best part? They are 100% edible.