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Everything you’ll need to grow microgreens

Why grow your own microgreens

Here’s why you should include these magical greens in your everyday diet.

Incredibly healthy

Microgreens are considered up to 40 times more nutrition-dense than mature greens.

Intensely flavoursome

You’ll be amazed at how much flavour these tiny microgreens pack; from earthy to lemony and from spicy to sweet.

Complete Microgreen Growing Kit

Now easily grow fresh and organic microgreens all year long for your entire family.

Grow Your Own Microgreens

Ready to harvest microgreens in just two weeks? Yes, this complete microgreen growing kit makes it possible for you. Includes everything you need to grow microgreens at home - reusable fabric grow trays, cocopeat potting discs, vermicompost, seaweed extract, and growing instructions - it’s super easy to set up and start.

Shop Microgreen Growing Kit

Shop.Plant.Harvest.Enjoy in just 2 weeks

Take the guesswork out of growing microgreens at home. We’ve packed all that you need to grow 4 flavoursome varieties of that everyday superfood called microgreens right here in this complete kit.

This kit includes:
  • 01
    4 varieties of microgreen seeds
    Non-treated microgreen seeds of Pak choi, Radish Purple Sango, Broccoli and Wheatgrass
  • 02
    4 reusable grow bags
    Wide and shallow fabric trays that provide ideal drainage for densely sown microgreen seeds.
  • 03
    4 cocopeat soil discs
    Coir potting mix perfect for growing microgreens at home without making a mess.
  • 04
    1 bag of organic vermicompost
    Plant-nutrient rich organic amendment suitable for all types of soils.
  • 05
    1 bottle of organic seaweed extract
    Make your plants happy with some organic seaweed extract when are a bit down.
  • 06
    Microgreen growing guide
    The ultimate guide to growing all types of microgreens at home with ease.
Keep the planted seeds under a dark cover for a day after planting to encourage faster germination. Once the seeds start sprouting, move them to a bright light spot.
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    I ordered microgreens for the first time and they grew quite well. I have ordered several other seeds later on and all the harvest was great. I also get free surprise samples every time and that’s something I always look forward to. Great service.

    A. Anshu
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    Great service with great product. Excellent delivery and educate properly on product. I do not have any background if agriculture but the way team educated it gives me confidence and happy to come closer to nature and hoping soon i can feed my family from my small garden.

    Aman Pathania
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    Chetan Baviskar
  • 1 2 3 4 5

    Very fast delivery. Seed germination is by far the best I've seen of any online seed company. I've been buying seeds since September 2021 and I've had almost 100 per ent germination success. Beautifully designed website and informative blog posts. I highly recommend All that Grows to a novice or experienced gardener.

    Gayatri Ganesh
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    Outstanding Quality ... the seeds always grow.

    Akash Goplani